About Us

Michigan Sustainability Cases

MSC began with the mandate to create a new kind of teaching case, co-designed for contributing solutions to real-world sustainability challenges.

Cases are widely used in law, medicine, policy, business, and other professional education settings, most often sold to instructors and students as PDF files to download and discuss. We wanted something different for sustainability: our cases would be open access to allow anyone to contribute, use, and discuss stories about real-world problems. As we piloted case co-creation with teams of professors, practitioners, and students, in locations ranging from Ann Arbor to Accra, Baltimore to Beijing, and Kathmandu to Kalamazoo, we realized these cases could be used across communities and organizations where lifelong learners confront sustainability challenges.

But we also recognized that we could not innovate alone. To further our sustainability efforts, we needed reach across our campus and the world. And we needed a tool to help us foster generous collaborations. Enter Gala.


Our open access platform Gala hosts sustainability cases created by the MSC team, our partner institutions, and our user community on UM campus and beyond.

The platform offers tools to support media-rich content modules for immersive learning. Pre- and post- tests and user behavior statistics enable data-driven improvements for inclusive teaching. Public and private discussion boards embedded in each case allow for exchange of teaching insights, user commentary, and case updates. These tools enable creative case deployment and implementation to suit different learning styles and teaching needs, resulting in a delightful user experience for case creators, learners, and instructors.

We are constantly innovating with Gala to facilitate a wider network of learners and problem solvers. Combining media skills, new modes of data analysis, and emerging experiential learning techniques, we foster local engagement and global connections for a more sustainable future.


A constellation of events.

Galaxy will convene campus, civic, community, and corporate learners to hone skills that cut across learning design, tech innovation, and social change in the context of environmental sustainability.