Case Exchange

Join our growing sustainability case community! Featuring short presentation and activities, the case exchange is a space to share promising practices in learning, teaching, and communicating with case studies; to present work in progress; and to explore opportunities to unite teaching, research, and practice.

Preliminary program details listed below.


Perrin Selcer, UM History

Dr. Selcer works and teaches at the intersections of environmental history, history of science, and international relations, utilizing case-based learning extensively in his courses. His first major research project culminated in The Postwar Origins of the Global Environment: How the United Nations Built Spaceship Earth (Columbia University Press, 2018), exploring science as both the cause of and the solution to world crisis.

Nancy Love, UM Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dr. Love works at the interface of water, infrastructure, and both public and environmental health in domestic and global settings. In collaboration with students & practitioners, she is currently authoring two Michigan Sustainability Cases, Fecal sludge: What is the best fecal waste management system for Addis Ababa? and Urine diversion: Will university communities embrace urine diversion and reuse as fertilizer?

Mark Lindquist, UM Landscape Architecture

Dr. Lindquist’s work focuses on the design and evaluation of high-performance landscapes with an emphasis on multifunctional green infrastructure in urban areas. He is pioneering virtual reality approaches and 3D modeling of neighborhoods in his courses related to the greening of Detroit for the planning of environments that perform ecologically, socially, and culturally.

Xuehua Liu, Tsinghua University School of Environment

Dr. Xuehua Liu is an associate professor in the School of Environment at Tsinghua University, with expertise in wildlife conservation and habitat assessment as well as the application of GIS to landscape ecology. She is working with a team at the University of Michigan to produce a case about the challenge of balancing economic development and the protection of giant panda habitat in the Wolong National Nature Reserve in China's Sichuan province.